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Our Torrance, California, law firm offers proactive, sensitive and caring legal representation in a range of legal matters related to conservatorships, probate, estate planning, including wills and trusts, trust administration, and guardianships. Our goal is to relieve your anxiety and stress, by providing the information and guidance you need in order to help plan for your future, the future of a loved one, or to assist you as conservator, or to administer a decedent's estate or trust. We believe in exhibiting a high level of integrity and always keep the best interests of our clients as our primary concern. The foundation of our client relationships is based upon our dedication to high-quality legal services, understanding the law, and compassion and respect for our clients. Our individual care and attention allows each and every client to have the assurance and relief that he or she is not alone and will not be treated as "just another case."

Probate: When it comes time to navigate a probate estate through the court system, you can rely on the knowledgeable probate lawyers at Conover & Grebe, LLP. We regularly work with clients on probate and estate administration, and our experience and compassion help expedite the process and ease the difficulty. Often an estate beneficiary may have questions in regard to his or her rights to inherit estate property. The attorneys at Conover & Grebe, LLP, can assist beneficiaries, named executors under a will, or other fiduciaries relating to probate matters.

Estate planning — wills and trusts: An estate plan can be as simple as the preparation of a will or involve complex trusts and estate tax reduction vehicles. We are available to discuss your desires and goals in regard to your estate, whether big or small, and to design an estate plan that meets your needs while accomplishing your goals. Our firm is also available to review and/or amend any existing estate plan you may have.

Conservatorships — elder abuse: Sometimes a friend or loved one needs help with his or her financial or personal matters. If the person in need has estate planning documents, the court may not need to become involved to appoint a guardian or conservator. If no documents exist, or elder abuse or undue influence issues are involved, you may receive assistance through the courts. We have experience in evaluating these matters and filing conservatorships when needed, all while providing ethical and effective representation.

Trust administration: Trustees often require assistance in determining what their duties are under the trust instrument and how the trust operates. We are here to help. Additionally, trust beneficiaries may have questions with regard to their rights to trust property, or how to deal with a trustee. The attorneys at Conover & Grebe, LLP, can assist trustees and beneficiaries with these matters.

Pet trusts: The law relating to pet trusts is relatively new and innovative. We at Conover & Grebe, LLP, enjoy working with families who have pets and help them create specific provisions in their estate plan providing for their pet or pets.

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