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We are a boutique law firm with a reputation for providing personalized counsel in even the most complex and sophisticated cases.

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Efficient, Effective and Affordable Assistance

When you want to protect someone you love or when you have been made responsible for an estate, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with relying on an experienced attorney — someone who can guide you through the legal system.

At Conover & Grebe, LLP, in Torrance, we use years of experience to serve the legal needs of people throughout California. Our focus is on bringing our clients peace of mind, and we will work to achieve your goals efficiently, effectively and affordably.

The strength of the work produced by our law firm derives from our leading estate planning attorneys: They have significant ties to the legal community, associate and affiliate attorneys, and the courts. We are highly regarded for producing quality work and, over the years, we have developed a reputation for effective estate planning in complex and sophisticated matters. We have led estate planning seminars and helped educate judges, court staff, fellow attorneys and non-attorneys on the complexities of California estate planning law.

Meeting Our Clients' Complex and Unique Needs

We understand that your needs are unique. Depending on your situation, you may need a will, trust, power of attorney, advance health care directive, guardianship, custodianship or conservatorship, or any combination of these estate planning documents. We can draft documents that put into place protections for your person, your family and your property.

Our law firm also administers probate and federal estate tax avoidance trusts, assists in special needs planning for individuals with disabilities and their families, and creates and administers pet trusts. If you have been appointed as the executor of a will or are named in any other fiduciary capacity, we can guide you through the probate process to help your matters proceed smoothly and in accordance with California and federal laws.

A significant portion of our practice focuses on creating conservatorships that put in place legal protections for loved ones who are vulnerable due to a disability, illness or life circumstance.

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No matter what type of legal work we do, one thing is true: We will work to achieve your goals efficiently, effectively and affordably. If you think you may need help with a legal matter, talking with an experienced lawyer is the most effective way to take action.

To talk with our estate planning attorneys, we urge you to contact our Torrance law firm at 310-776-9028 or toll free at 866-661-9751 for a confidential consultation.

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