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Is adding a family member to your deed a good idea?

Many people who are seeking ways to simplify things for their loved ones after they're gone consider adding one or more of their children or other family members to the deed to their home. If you add an adult child, for example, to your deed, they become a co-owner of the property while you're alive. They can then inherit it when you die, and it doesn't need to go through probate.

The 'Queen of Soul' reportedly died with no estate plan

Most people would assume that someone as wealthy and successful as Aretha Franklin would have had a detailed estate plan in place when she passed away recently. However, the "Queen of Soul" reportedly died without even a will — let alone any other documents detailing how she wanted her assets divided among her family and others.

Why estate planning is crucial if you're in the cannabis business

Marijuana has been legal here in California for medicinal purposes since 2004. At the beginning of this year, its recreational sale and use was legalized. Therefore, many Californians engaged in cannabusiness, who are sometimes known as "ganjapreneurs," have accumulated considerable assets.

Billionaire mogul's estate the subject of California court battle

Recently, we discussed the battle over music legend James Brown's estate among those involved in his complicated personal life. Now the estate of another wealthy and colorful man, billionaire mogul Kirk Kerkorian, is the source of a legal battle here in California nearly three years after his death at 98 years old in June 2015. The state's attorney general is even involved.

Multiple people battling over Manson estate

Most people wouldn't assume that someone like Charles Manson had an estate worth fighting over. Manson, the "mastermind" behind multiple murders in the Los Angeles area in 1969, died in prison last year. These were infamously known as the "Manson murders," and involved the deaths of nine people, including actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time.

Here's why you need an estate plan, even if you're young and poor

If you're in your 20s, you're likely paying off student loan debt, perhaps trying to save up for a better car or even a home and navigating your first job out of college. Likely, the last thing you're thinking about is estate planning. However, you should be.

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