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October 2018 Archives

How much should the executor of a California estate plan be paid?

Your older sister was named the executor of your father's estate. Your dad was your last living parent. You were fine with her having that job. She's a retired realtor who at one point in her life worked on Wall Street. Therefore, she had the time and the skills to handle the job.

3 ways estate planning can keep the family together

A death in the family is difficult enough, but when inheritance arguments erupt, it can result in the disintegration of the entire family. Fortunately, most estate planning attorneys are well-armed with various strategies to plan an estate in a way that limits the chances of family infighting.

Don't forget your “digital life” in your estate plan

If you're one of those people whose bank statements and bills show up in your email inbox instead of your mailbox and you can't remember the last time you bought postage stamps, congratulations on minimizing your carbon footprint. However, if most (or any) of your financial and tax information is online, you need to include your digital life in your estate plan.

Don't just lock away your advance health care directive

An advance health care directive is one of the most crucial elements in your estate plan. Even if you don't have a full estate plan in place, by having this document, you can let your medical providers know about your wishes regarding what measures you want taken (or not taken) to keep you alive if you suffer a serious injury or illness and are unable to speak for yourself.

When is it time to choose assisted living for your loved one?

Admitting that the health and abilities of your loved one is deteriorating can be hard to do. However, when a person is suffering from ill health more frequently or they are having falls often, it may be time to explore the best interests of your loved one.

Why people put off estate planning — and why they shouldn't

People have all sorts of reasons for postponing their estate planning. Unfortunately, too many people postpone it for so long that they die without any estate plan in place — even a simple will. They don't intend to, but they leave their family members with the stressful, time-consuming and often expensive task of dealing with their assets and debts in probate court.

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