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February 2018 Archives

Estate planning for parents of kids with substance abuse issues

Increasingly, Californians doing their estate planning have to deal with the reality that they have a child with a substance abuse problem. Even when children are in recovery, parents may be understandably concerned about what could happen if they inherited a large sum of money or considerable assets. Even a few thousand dollars given in a lump sum to an addict could lead to tragic consequences.

Billionaire mogul's estate the subject of California court battle

Recently, we discussed the battle over music legend James Brown's estate among those involved in his complicated personal life. Now the estate of another wealthy and colorful man, billionaire mogul Kirk Kerkorian, is the source of a legal battle here in California nearly three years after his death at 98 years old in June 2015. The state's attorney general is even involved.

If you are an intestate heir, you might have options

If you have a close relative, such as your mother or father, who has recently passed away in the Torrance area, you may be able to claim that you are one of the heirs to the property in the estate. If your relative died without leaving a will, you might still be able to inherit. Simply because a relative does not have a valid will does not mean that you do not have a claim on one's property.

Music legend's James Brown's estate still mired in family battles

Recently, we discussed the fact that many estate disputes involve stepmothers and their stepchildren. That's the case with the estate of music legend James Brown. The "Godfather of Soul" died just over 11 years ago, on Christmas Day 2006, after a complicated life that included drugs, multiple arrests and estrangement from some of his children.

3 reasons you don't want to die intestate

Dying intestate, or without a will, is a bad idea for many reasons. It's important for people of all ages to create wills, even if they cover only the most basic things. Wills dictate what happens to your assets, and they can make it simpler for your beneficiaries and family members to handle your estate.

Multiple people battling over Manson estate

Most people wouldn't assume that someone like Charles Manson had an estate worth fighting over. Manson, the "mastermind" behind multiple murders in the Los Angeles area in 1969, died in prison last year. These were infamously known as the "Manson murders," and involved the deaths of nine people, including actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time.

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