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December 2014 Archives

An appropriate time for estate planning

California couples often make big plans for the future during the initial year of their marriage but do not think in terms of estate planning. Without realizing it, they may be costing themselves vital opportunities to secure a stable future for their incipient family and accumulating property should something happen to them individually or as a couple.

Essential times to revisit a will

Residents in California may understand the importance of a will, but many may for get to keep the documents updated. There are specific events in life that should trigger a review of their last will and testament to ensure it still reflects their final wishes. If it needs to be updated, making changes soon after a change can prevent confusion in the event of an unexpected death.

Preventing possible mistakes in estate planning

Some Los Angeles residents may have experience in dealing with various complications related to estate planning. Although estate planning can be one of the most important subjects for families to discuss, it is often neglected. Moreover, even in cases where families act to secure their respective estates, the process can still be derailed by various complications.

Is a holographic will valid in California?

California law recognizes the validity of holographic wills for any residents of the state. A holographic will is a handwritten document in which the testator describes their preferred disposition of the estate after their passing. So long as the will follows the specific previsions of the law, the court will consider it to be valid. However, it may sometimes be easier to invalidate a holographic will than a regular will.

What is a living will and do I need one?

California residents are likely familiar with several high profile legal battles in recent years involving the termination of life-sustaining treatment for terminally ill individuals. This kind of conflict can place families under a great deal of stress, and it may often be prevented if the individual concerned has drafted a living will. This document outlines what form of treatment an individual will receive if they become incapacitated, and it outlines the circumstances when treatment should be discontinued.

Types of conservatorships in California

A conservator may be appointed by California courts if a judge determines that a person is unable to care for themselves or needs help managing their own finances. It is important to understand the differences between the various types of conservatorships so the conservator is clear about his or her duties. The probate court has the option to grant conservatorship over a person's estate, their person or both.

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