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June 2016 Archives

How long do you need to save estate documents?

Any person who has administered an estate knows that, even in this digital age, the amount of paperwork can be overwhelming. Once the estate is settled, it can be tempting to shred all of the documents that have been taking up room in your filing cabinets, drawers or wherever you've stashed them. Not so fast.

Preparing for a parent's incapacity

Some people are fortunate to stay physically and mentally sharp as a tack until their very last days, but many people just aren't that lucky. As they get older, they may become more forgetful, disorganized, and physically weak. All the details that go into managing their every day lives may start to get overwhelming, and it can be up to their adult children to step in and help -- whether the parent has asked for that help or not.

Estate planning and the prevention of financial elder abuse

Elderly people, particularly those who are physically and/or mentally compromised, can be vulnerable to many types of abuse, including financial abuse. Sadly, this type of abuse often is perpetrated by family members, caregivers and others close to the person. Sometimes it comes at the hands of strangers who know that elderly people are more likely to fall for scams or give up confidential information over the phone or online.

Why are revocable living trusts advantageous for Californians?

When many Californians create their estate plan, their attorney will recommend setting up a revocable living trust. There are a number of advantages to having this document, both for you, while you're still alive and well, and for your heirs and beneficiaries after you're gone.

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