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April 2013 Archives

California--based Google introduces digital asset manager

Periodic reviews of California estate plans are necessary to keep legal documents in line with personal, family and financial changes. Anticipated events, like marriage or childbirth, and unfortunate occurrences, like divorce or family death, can have instant effects on estate planning documents.

Do new federal laws make California estate plans obsolete?

Los Angeles attorneys will answer "no" to this question, but there are good reasons. The focus of estate planning seems to have narrowed to tax avoidance, which legal experts admit is a vital part of any estate plan. Many individuals forget that complete plans go well beyond keeping assets from the IRS.

How nine opinions could sway California estate plans rules

The subject of gay marriage drew a negative reaction from most U.S. residents in polls taken a decade ago. At the time, Pew Research Center reported a 58 percent opposition to same-sex marriage. A new survey shows a remarkable change in society. The gay marriage approval rate shot up to 49 percent.

Ex-California actress takes a stand against estate property sale

Tara Tyson Kulukundis was never well-known for her acting talents in New York or Los Angeles. The off-broadway and bit-part television actress did enjoy some notoriety decades ago and lived a comfortable lifestyle, at least until the death of her husband Manuel Michael Kulukundis.

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